Pondhr this…How would true engagement transform your business?


Is your business too transactional?

From your customers and community to your employees and partners, how you engage is foundational in developing those meaningful relationships and opportunities , with those you value most.

Invest in creating an authentic culture, which truly resonates and inspires.



How is your business engaged?

Let’s start with a conversation. Where would you like to build more inclusivity into your business?  Are you simply selling a product to your customers and employees or are they truly experiencing the cultural why, behind what drives your organization?

Invest the time to thoughtfully incorporate others and build loyalty.


How is your business aligned?

Expand your vision of how your organization can be part of something greater. Realize the return your business can gain from investing in relationships.

Building a strong community of strategic partnerships and aligned resources will be paramount in your organization reaching its goals.


How would you like to connect?

Promoting a culture of engagement, Pondhr is dedicated to curating events, workshops and trainings to teach and encourage better, more meaningful connections and partnerships. Giving you the tools to get the most out of your interactions and experiencing the value that inclusion can offer.




Our businesses have a voice. It’s called culture.

At Pondhr, we help identify and share this voice, with those who will benefit most from hearing it. Aligning organizations with their customers, partners, employees and community, helps solidify their relationships and bolster productivity.

By giving our companies human attributes, people are then able to better relate and ultimately engage. Embracing these interactions, brings our culture to life. We call this the “human equation”, understanding that B2B is always people to people.

Our return from challenging our ideas and diversifying our thinking, only happens when we bring people together and get them engage. This is done through three simple steps.


Identify core values, culture, and objectives.


Define relevance, goals, and direction.


Define a framework with practical applications.



Building strategic business partnerships and aligned resources within key developmental areas.

Brand Development & Marketing

Product Development

Startup Resources

Leadership & Employee Development

Upcoming Events

Expanse Business Development

Referral & Coaching 

Location: Thinkspace, Seattle

Time: Every 2nd Tuesday, 7:00am-8:45am

Experience a network where business professionals learn together, purposely communicate and and develop strong partnerships.

Coaching session to address key topics, learnings and business trend to help navigate the business landscape. Join our engaging monthly training sessions presented by business experts, guest speakers and savvy Expanse members. 

Visit Expanse for group details. 

Expanse Business Development

Referral & Group Mastermind

Location: Thinkspace, Seattle

Time: Every 4th Tuesday, 7:00am-8:45am

Experience a network where business professionals learn together, purposely communicate and and develop strong partnerships.

Group mastermind workshop as we help one another develop a clear vision our individual businesses, instrumental in building a framework to grow a successful business. Join the countinued conversation and get engaged.

Visit Expanse for group details.

Expanse Business Development

Coaching the Power of Imagery in Marketing 

Location: Thinkspace, Seattle

Time: August 13th, 7:00am-8:45am

Experience a network where business professionals learn together, purposely communicate and and develop strong partnerships.

Coaching session to address key Networking strategies with Christopher Davies, Engagement Speacialist with Pondhr. Join a mindful conversation to ease the pains of and get the most from our networking efforts. 

Visit Expanse for group details. 

Expanse Public Networking Event

A Marketing Conversation, Strategies and Best Practices

Location: Thinkspace, Seattle

Time: October 23rd, 5:30pm-7:30pm

An Expanse networking event, bringing Seattle entrepreneurs, business owners and professional together to connect with other leaders, share values and develop partnerships.

Hear from a panel of local marketers and creatives, as they give insights into today’s marketing challenges, strategies, trends and best practices. How well are you telling your story?

Save the date.



You only have one life, live it well. 

As Pondhr’s Life Strategist, I promote the discovery of self, purpose and happiness through engagement. Helping you to broaden your views, omit societal distractions and empowering you to experience more from life.

We are not meant to be completely independent– Life is easier with help, so engage!


You have the support you need.

As your continued Life Advocate, I ally with and encourage you along life’s journey. Partnering with you to help navigate the pressures and challenges, as they arise, and help you to emerge victorious. I help you to sidestep the expectations of our culture and provide you with the perspectives and tools you’ll need to become something much better. You will be so proud of the person you get to become!

Life is not a race, slow down and enjoy.

Giving Back

Creating a culture of loving and giving. Understanding the tremendous value of giving, Pondhr brings its clients along in the spirit of altruism with a charitable payment model that contributes to a charity of your choice from the aligned non-profits and sponsorships.


MISSION: Interrupting and preventing human trafficking through employee education and training in the public and private business sectors 


MISSION: YouthCare works to end youth homelessness and to ensure that young people are valued for who they are and empowered to achieve their potential.


MISSION: The Soundkeeper’s mission is to protect and preserve the waters of Puget Sound.


MISSION: Meeting basic needs then continuing on to addiction recover, counseling, and longer term solutions to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.


  • Find me another individual like Christopher Davies and I'll give you a million dollars. One of the most kind, genuine, passionated, engaged individuals I know and with the heart to share all of it. If you haven't met this guy yet, you're missing out.

    John Thompson StrutSite Media
  • Christopher doesn't help you to be better. Instead, he makes it clear that you are exceptional! Since working with him, I have become a happier employee, colleague and friend, basically a more pleasant and lively person in my professional and personal life. Christopher's passion for life is reflected in each conversation we have. He is truly inspiring, but mostly he is R.E.A.L! Resourceful, Engaging, Authentic, Leader!

    Amanda Chorro-Predes VP Special Projects- BABTA
  • Helping others live a more purposeful and connected life requires a credible guide.  You can’t effectively teach if you can’t “do”.  Christopher at pondhr is a doer; the kind of advisor who walks his talk.  Thoughtful, strategic-minded, and an exceptional listener, Chris has a genuine gift for helping you find and apply your gifts, and is very skilled at helping you connect and grow through developing relationships with other like-minded leaders.

    Sam Senn CEO/Co-Founder, Dancing Shepherd
  • Pondhr is leading the charge to establish a new way of thinking about how as business leaders we need to interact, support, elevate and collaborate with the most important aspect of our business - the people. Gone are the days of thinking that people are a commodity that is a non-renewable resource. Christopher Davies' philosophy is refreshing and forward thinking. It is as if he is putting the "human" back into Human Resources.

    Curt Archambault VP - People and Performance Strategies
  • Christopher Davies brings every interaction down to a human level, and that's super important in creating powerful engagement. He breaks through the nonsense and noise, getting to what's important and real. He makes it all seem so simple, but what he's doing is pure genius.

    Alan Rowe Creative Director, Mindful Planet Inc.
  • Christopher is uniquely focused on serving others. He's an enthusiastic and knowledgeable ally and an advocate for everyone that he meets. Pondhr is something that the Seattle area needs to help people learn new ways of thinking, break out of their shells, and to turn the temperature up on this Seattle freeze! I'm looking forward to future events.

    Ron Higgs CEO Wolf Management Solutions
  • Christopher Davies has a passion for people. He understands relationships, is open and bold in his consult and challenges, encourages and inspires.  Whether talking about career goals or finding balance in my busy personal life, each every minute I've spent with Christopher is time well spent.

    Jason Haws Regional Sales Manager
  • Christopher is about people, people, people. He draws our attention to how as individuals, in our personal and professional lives,  affect others and to work backwards by looking inside ourselves for a purpose for meaningful impact. In other words, let’s open up. As Peter Drucker states, “The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” Christopher has that way of communicating with folks to get to the core of any issues.

    Bill Schiffmiller CEO, AKOIO, LLC

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